Kid Approved Beef Stroganoff

If my kids were to pick a favorite food out of my arsenal of home cooked foods, it would probably be my low carb taco pie.  If I was to pick their favorite food based on how much they eat, it would be my kid-approved beef stroganoff. This beef stroganoff recipe is super easy and … Read More about Kid Approved Beef Stroganoff

Josh and I have been low carb since Year Year’s Day.  He has been more than accommodating, to day the least.  He has completely changed his diet to make things easier on me.  We have given up bread, potatoes and chips (minus our Mexican meal with Codename: Newbie Badass).

Crockpot Salsa Chicken

This crockpot salsa chicken is ridiculously easy to make and so good. It takes only a few ingredients and about 4-6 hours in the crockpot and you end up with a family-pleasing meal idea that well be asked for repeatedly. I have mentioned this a million times, but I LOVE my crockpot. Seriously. I don’t … Read More about Crockpot Salsa Chicken

Do It Yourself Craft Projects

I have been thinking about how to make a DIY faux brick wall for a while. I had this little toilet with a wall behind it that was incredibly boring.  As a matter of fact, the whole bathroom was (and still is, but it’s getting better).  I decided to start small with this little wall … Read More about How to Make a DIY Faux Brick Wall

Make a DIY tiki torch

I love making things. I am a hoarder of materials, all of which are stockpiled in various nooks and crannies in my house until I find a use for them. For this project, I actually grabbed a whiskey bottle from the recycling bin. It was perfect for this DIY tiki torch. Along with being a … Read More about DIY Tiki Torch

Being a Nurse

Youre NOT A Good-Nurse

I’ve wanted to be a nurse all my life.  I have lived and breathed nursing since I was old enough to understand what my mother and aunt were doing.  They birthed babies and saved lives. I wanted in on that. In my 8 years as a nurse, I have grown so much and learned more … Read More about You’re Not a Good Nurse

Dear nursing administration

(Disclaimer:  the post “Dear Nursing Administration” does not represent my views about my current administration, nor does it pertain to any independent person that has acted in any administrative role in any of my past nursing endeavors. This is a broad synopsis of opinions held and voiced by many floor nurses I have worked with.  … Read More about Dear Nursing Administration