5 of The Best Places To Buy Tumblers

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Buying tumblers can be hit or miss, especially when you purchase them online.  Prices, shipping and quality are all things you’re not 100% sure you will get when purchasing from a new company.  I have narrowed it down and have come up with an in depth list of some of the best places to buy tumblers of all shapes and sizes.

These ___ places have loads of inventory, fast shipping and amazing customer service.  They also have great prices, which is honestly their best quality.  These are my top picks for where to buy tumblers for crafting, vinyl and so much more.

Makerflo Crafts

This is probably my most highly recommended website for bulk tumbler orders. They have tumblers of all shapes and sizes, and I normally get my orders in less than a week. Here are my favorite things about Makerflo:

  • Fast shipping
  • Every cup comes in it’s own box with a lid, straw, and care card you can repurpose for your customer.
  • They give you rewards for purchasing that you can redeem for things like water bottles, bluetooth speakers or additional supplies like straws or care cards
  • They have an app, which works beautifully
  • They also sell glitters, kitchen and home decor and other accessories to broaden your crafting horizons.

The Stainless Depot

Stainless steel tumbler

I love a good sale, and The Stainless Depot ALWAYS has a sale going on, most involving more than one type of cup. Shipping is really fast with this site, too. They have stainless steel and sublimation tumblers, as well as accessories like extra lids and straws. Some additional things I love about Stainless Depot include:

  • The option to buy practice cups, which are cheaper than the regulars (but aren’t meant to be sold)
  • Their “bundle” options, meaning you can buy a case of different size and shape cups.
  • Their stellar rewards and referrals programs for sending new customers to them.
  • Their line of pre-sanded tumblers.
  • Daily sales emails

Dancing Bear Tumblers, LLC

This business has amazing customer service, great reviews from tumbler makers and also has fast shipping. What I like most about Dancing Bear Tumblers , however is the diversity of products. They have a little bit of everything. Some of the things I love include:

  • very cool 9oz straight flask (because adulting)
  • temporary tattoos to use on your body or your tumblers
  • Cold smoke products


It doesn’t get any better than Amazon, especially if you have Amazon Prime. I have never gotten a package in more than three days, most coming a day or two after I order. You can find all kinds of different cups here too. Some of my favorites include:

RTIC Brand Tumblers

I put this brand by itself because you can buy them at Walmart for relatively cheap. These are great in a pinch. I have found wins glasses and 20oz curved tumblers there, but haven’t really looked for anything else.

If you are concerned about the raised logo at the bottom, don’t be. It’s barely visible under paint, glitter and epoxy. I haven’t had anyone ever complain.

There it is. My short but sweet list of the best places to purchase blank tumblers for your business.

If you are thinking about getting into making tumblers, make sure you put your email in to get my FREE list of all the supplies a beginner tumbler maker should have. The list may be long, but as the saying goes, “You have to invest money to make money.”

You can also check out my 9 step guide about how so make epoxy tumblers.

As always, leave a comment and let me know if you need anything.

5 Best Places to Buy Blank Tumblers

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