DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters

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I made these DIY alcohol ink coasters with the kids a few weekends ago and it was so much fun.  We got to light things on fire and got a very cool end product as a result. I made the inks using my homemade alcohol ink recipe.

What You Need

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I was initially worried that myself or one of the kids was going to accidentally set the garage on fire. A legitimate concern, considering the fact that we are all messy, clumsy and accident-prone.

Luckily, we made it through the entire craft session with no major calamities. We didn’t even get ink on the garage floor.

Steps for DIY Alcohol ink coasters

I recommend you do one tile at a time, that way the alcohol doesn’t dry too fast.

Spray your tile liberally with alcohol. I don’t just mean a few sprays. I say liberally for a reason. The tiles need to be fairly saturated.

The you’ll drip your alcohol inks onto the tiles. Don’t worry about getting them into any specific pattern, because it’ll change.

When you have the colors dripped the way you want, spray them with alcohol again. You’re going to think you have too much alcohol on them. You don’t. They won’t catch on fire if there isn’t enough.

Then light it on fire. It will burn until all the alcohol is dry. All surfaces with alcohol on them will also catch fire, but it won’t burn anything. Just be careful.

When it’s done, Let it cool. Then cover it with mod podge to help protect it. I would recommend the waterproof mod podge if you are going to use your coasters as actual coasters and not just decorations.

That’s it, you’re done. Now you have some very pretty coasters that are sure to be a conversation starter.

Frequently Asked Questions

My coasters won’t catch on fire. What am I doing wrong?

You probably don’t have enough alcohol on it. You want it WET, not just sprayed lightly.

I only have a small lighter. Why can’t I use that?

Because you’ll burn your thumb. Ask me how I know.

Let me know if you do this DIY project and let me know how it turns out.

Here are a few things I used to make these diy alcohol ink coasters


17 thoughts on “DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters”

  1. What color tiles do you suggest we use?
    Can’t wait to try this, thank you for sharing.

    • White ones are what I used. And try to find the ones without the glossy finish.

      • You can also sand lightly to remove shiny finish or wipe with acetone before use as well.

        • Good to know!

  2. Any suggestions on what to do if you cannot find 91%+ rubbing alCohol?

    • Definitely wait until you can find it. Anything less won’t work as well. I order mine from Amazon.

    • Look at either dollar general or walgreens.

  3. Could you do the same process with the popular arabesq tiles as ornaments? And then apply the permanent vinyl for names and decora tions to them after sealing?

    • I don’t see why not! If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

    • I’m not sure. I’ve never used mine on glass. I don’t think you can. There’s no way for it to set so I don’t see it staying on. If you try it, please let me know.

  4. Can u use sharpie for the ink instead of alcohol ink?

    • My alcohol inks are made from sharpies. I guess I don’t understand the question?

  5. I found 91% Alcohol at WAlmart just last week. But some special Drug Stores carry it also.

  6. Can you use this Ink w/o setting them on Fire!? Lol. Like can you use w/ resin doing the drop method?

    • Yes!!! You definitely don’t have to set them on fire 🙂


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