3 Ways To Make Amazing Hard-Boiled Eggs

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I have since discovered some tips and tricks to make perfect hard-boiled eggs since we got chickens at the start of 2020. I’m not exactly sure why we initially got them, but I haven’t regretted it a bit. Raising chickens is fun. They start off as these cute little balls of fluff and before you know it, you have ginormous, feathery, egg-making machines. When I say “egg making machines”, I mean it. Each chicken puts out about an egg a day, which can add up quickly, even for a family of 4.

I absolutely adore eggs. I eat them every day for breakfast, and sometimes carry hard boil eggs in my lunchbox for a protein-packed snack when I’m out running around or at work. I also use them almost every day to cook with. The best thing about fresh chicken eggs, in my opinion, is the fact that they don’t need to be refrigerated.

Unprocessed raw eggs are laid with a coating called a “bloom” or “cuticle” around them. This protects the egg from bacteria, as egg shells themselves are permeable (allow liquids and particles to pass through). As long as you don’t clean this off, you can keep them for up to two weeks right on the counter in an egg holder like this.

Soft-Boiled Eggs vs Hard-Boiled Eggs

The longer you cook your egg, the more “hard” the yolks becomes. If you like your yolks creamy and mellow, you’ll want to cook them for less time. If you like a more firm and solid hard-boiled egg, cook them for longer. If the eggs contain a green yolk, you cooked them for too long.

Buy Your Eggs In Advance

Older eggs are easier to peel than fresh eggs. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure there’s science involved. Yeah for science.

Store Your Eggs Upside Down (Big End Up)

This helps settle the yolk in the center of the egg, or so I’ve read.

Below you will find the steps to make perfect eggs with the stovetop, instant pot and air fryer.

Stovetop Method

Step 1- Place your eggs in a pot of water that is large enough for a single layer of eggs. You don’t want the eggs on top of each other, or they may crack when cooking. Add about one inch of water, enough water to cover the eggs completely.

Step 2- crank the stove to high heat. You can add some salt to help prevent the eggs from cracking, or baking soda to help with egg peeling. Neither will affect the overall taste or cook time of the eggs.

Step 3- When the water has gotten to a rolling boil, turn off the heat and put the lid on the pot, but LEAVE THE POT ON THE BURNER. You want the eggs to still cook in the hot water. Cook time depends on how you like your eggs:

  • 5-6 minutes for custard-like soft boiled eggs
  • 7-8 minutes for creamy soft-boiled eggs
  • 10 minutes for firm hard-boiled eggs

Step 4- Using a slotted spoon, place eggs in an ice bath (just a large bowl of ice water with a fancy name). You must do this step or the eggs will continue to cook and will soon be overcooked. I leave mine in the cold water for about 10 minutes.

Step 5-Peel the eggs. I find that cracking the entire egg of a firm surface and peeling under cool water helps with the egg peeling. For additional easy peeling, I start at the bottom of the egg.

Step 5- Enjoy with some salt and a little everything bagel seasoning if you’re like me.

Step 6- Peel and refrigerate uneaten eggs. Eggs will keep for about 5 days if stored in the fridge in an airtight container.

Instant Pot Method

Step 1- Place water into the instant pot. Place the steamer basket in the pot.

Step 2- Place eggs in the steamer basket.

Step 3- Select low pressure and manually select your cook time:

  • 3 minutes-soft-boiled egg
  • 5 minutes- hard-boiled egg

Step 4- Remove eggs gently and place in an ice bath for 1-3 minutes.

Step 5- peel gently under cool running water and enjoy or refrigerate in a sealed container.

You can use hard-boiled eggs in a variety of recipes too. They make great egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs (my absolute favorite way to eat an egg.

Air Fryer Method

Step 1- Preheat air fryer to 250 degrees F.

Step 2- Add eggs to the fryer basket and cook according to preference:

  • 13 minutes- soft-boiled eggs
  • 15 minutes- hard-boiled eggs

Step 3- Gently remove eggs from fryer basket and submerge in ice bath for 3-5 minutes.

Step 4- peel and enjoy.

While there are different methods for the stovetop, instant pot and air fryer, the results will be the same. You’ll have delicious, perfect hard boiled eggs with whichever method you choose.

If you’re looking for additional ways to use eggs, these recipes use quite a few eggs and are delicious.

Some things I recommend for making amazing hard-boiled eggs:

Amazing Hard Boiled Eggs: Stovetop, Instant Pot and Air Fryer methods to perfect hard-boiled eggs.

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