Prayers for Nurses

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Writing prayers is a newfound way of helping me process work, my patients. It is especially helpful in my nursing career. Below are some prayers for nurses. I hope they will help you as they have me.

A Nurse’s Prayer to Start The Day

Dear Lord,

Give me strength to immerse myself in

Selfless service to Your flock.

Give me the knowledge to help,

 The skill to heal

 And the heart to care.

Let my ears listen,

And my lips give only kind words.

Help me to treat all patients as you would,

With love and compassion.

Allow me to do all this and more

As Your good and faithful servant.


Nurse's Prayer for The Start of Day

A Nurse’s Prayer for Physical Healing

Father God,

I know You allow pain and suffering

to aid us in our walk with you.

Help me to see this, even when pain seems everlasting..

Help me to understand that Your will is higher than my want,

and that you use suffering for Your Glory.

If it is your will,

restore health and heal wounds,

give strength where there is weakness,

peace where there is despair,

life where there is death.

Give my heart a cleansing peace only

You can provide.

And as always, allow my faith to never falter

and my soul to remain Yours. Amen.

Nurse's Prayer for Physical Healing

A Nurse’s Prayer When Faith Is Weak

Dear Heavenly Father,

My faith is weak today.

I am struggling to see the good today.

Help me to walk by faith and not by sight.

Show me that the power of God is far greater

Than the wisdom of men.

Allow me to find an abundance of peace.

Calm my spirit and give my soul rest.

More than anything, Lord, allow me to see

 That all good things come from you.

Increase my appreciation for the beauty,

 And call to mind all of the blessings You have

given me,

None of which I am worthy of.

Lastly, show me Your love and patience when I am weak.


Nurse's Prayer for When faith Is Weak

A Nurse’s Prayer For Their Patients

Father God,

Allow me to be an extension of You

As I care for my patients today.

Give me a kind word, a caring touch,

And listening ears.

Allow me to heal and help without bias,

Prejudice or hate in my heart.

Help me to remember that all of Your sheep

Are worthy and deserving of love and kindness.

Help me to show my patients that Your will and timing,

Although hard and painful to bear sometimes,

Will end in the glorious revelation of what

You have been planning all along.


Nurse's Prayer for Patients

The Nurse’s Prayer for Sadness and Grief

Dear Lord,

When sadness over takes me,

Remind me that You bear my grief and

Carry my sorrow.

Help me to cast on You

All of my pain and despair,

Knowing that Your light and hopes

Will shine through even the darkest nights.

If my faith falters,

Give me Your patient and loving embrace

Until I return to You.


Nurse's Prayer for Sadness and Grief

A Nurse’s Prayer For Loss

Heavenly Father,

Be close to me as my heart aches.

Help me to see that although loss is painful,

it is not permanent.

Help me to fix my eyes on You,

and know that Your plan is greater than

my suffering.

Heal my broken heart,

and let it be a testimony to Your unfailing love.

Allow me to fix my eyes on what is unseen,

the promise of eternal life though You.


Nurse's Prayer for Loss

A Nurse’s Prayer To End Their Day

Dear Lord,

Thank you for allowing me another day

To tend to Your flock, be they ailing or downcast.

Give me rest now,

With confidence that I have done my best,

That I have healed and helped and loved

In a way pleasing to You.

Restore my soul and refresh my body,

That I may continue down this path,

Serving those You have placed before me.


Nurse's Prayer to End Their Day

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